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Atlanta Kitchen & Bathroom Gray Decor

Gray Decor is the New Hot!

Gray has lately become a favorite color for home décor amongst home owners, and the reason for this trend is not far-fetched. The color gray is clean, simple and provides an amazing backdrop to other bold and colorful hues home owners use to decorate their homes. Its ability to go smoothly with every bright colored home accessory, wall and furniture makes gray the new hot. Now, the color gray might never take the place of bright colors, but it sure adds a unique kind of flavor when blended with the latter.


Because of its being an emotionless color, gray’s matured, solid and stable quality, and its ability to project a sense of calm and composure makes it the perfect hue for home décor. And did I mention that gray can evoke cleanliness without the antiseptic look of an all-white room. This quality alone makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

It’s no news that the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) in the year 2014, reported that gray would become the fastest growing color blend for bathrooms and kitchens. It’s the year 2018 and it’s quite clear that their prediction was right.

Gray might seem a dull color for kitchen décor when used alone, but when the color is used for aspect of the kitchen, say the cabinet, the kitchen is quite transformed into a place of warmth and tranquility. Gray cabinets happen to be one of the most popular trends in modern day kitchen design, as they are versatile options that can give your kitchen several classy looks. When used in the kitchen, gray does bring out the beauty in another kitchen décor and makes them stand out.

Gray granite and gray quartz stones also play an incredible role in beautifying kitchens. When made use of, they create a look that is equally breath taking as they are known to deliver a delicate and silvery radiance to any space. Consider ATL Granite Installers & Fabricators for your next home remodeling project!

Gray bathrooms have also become a favorite in most homes. In the case of the bathroom, gray floors, ceilings or wall tiles gives the bathroom decor and outlook a lift. Who can deny that gray bathrooms are super cool? None I guess. Gray bathrooms are beautiful, but the home owner who wishes to have his/her bathroom in gray should endeavor to have great lighting and a window in place where natural light can come in from. It would also be good to have a mirror, flowers, great accessories, splashes of bright colors and texture to take out the drabness associated with gray.


The home of your dreams is just a blink away. Whether you wish to build a new home or revamp your existing home and have the interior decor in gray, with the right professional remodeling contractor handling the project, you could live in the home of your dreams in no time. Call and ask for Susana now at 678-235-4455

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