Atlanta Beautiful Nails by Karla Rodriguez #beautifulnails

Beautiful Nails by Karla Rodriguez

Nail Art: A Chic Manicure You Should Try Out In 2018

Nail art has become such a necessity for fashion savvy women in this time and age, that most will feel uncomfortable with their fingernails blank or having just solid colors. Thanks to social media and our dear glitzy celebrities, the nail art trend is receiving a massive boost, and will soon enough reach the same popularity as tattoo art and body painting around the world.

The nail trend which became popular in the 21st century is known to have evolved from the usual application of color to nails. As nail art became classier and a form of self expression, the ritual of nail coloring lost its relevance amongst women who craved a manicure more elegant than what the former offered.

In case you’re wondering what exactly nail art is all about, here’s everything you need to know about the trend. Nail art is far from being your usual nail job or manicure, it is the application of decorative designs and even jewels onto one’s nails. Looking at the phenomenon from another angle, we could say nail art is the extension of an individual’s personality.


One look at the glittering finger nails of such music mavens as Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna will have every stylish woman longing to have nails that gorgeous. The good news is, nail art isn’t just an accessory for Hollywood stars, it is for anyone who’s willing to adorn their hands, men and women alike.

The amazing aspect of nail art is that it offers you a wide range of designs to choose from. You could have your nails sporting eye brow-raising hues as moss green, neon tangerine, and steel grey; flowery designs; cool graphic patterns; extravagant artworks or even have them look all shinny as though they had been dipped in a treasure chest.

Nail art is in fashion and every young woman should consider incorporating this dashing style of manicure to spice up their everyday look. Visiting a good beauty salon and having a highly skilled nail artist work on your nails will help you achieve that nail transformation you’ve always longed for.

Enough said, go get yourself a fashionable manicure!

Beautiful nails by karla

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Beautiful Nails by Karla Rodriguez | Carmelita's Hair Salon


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